How MK Works

the mk link offers a third-party recruiting service, which means, for that service, we are contracted by clients to find candidates to fill open positions.


Recruiter goals are to ensure that the employer is highly satisfied with the candidate we place in a given position, while ensuring that the candidate is in a role that best suits him or her.

We develop meaningful relationships with our candidates to ensure we know exactly what you want and need.

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What do recruiters do
  • Access to exclusive jobs – many of our employer clients give the mk link positions that are not available through other sources, such as public websites.

  • Screening – our clients know that before a potential candidate is hired, we have conducted extensive screening – including  reference checks.

  • Interviewing – a large part of our recruiting process entails getting to know potential candidates and helping to determine whether there’s a good match between their career needs and the requirements/responsibilities of the particular position.

  • Salary consultation – through our experience working across various industries and functions on thousands of jobs, we can provide a unique perspective on fair market value for a specific position.

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Who do we recruit

We recruit for critical mission positions that range from C-Suite, Upper Management, Middle Management, Lower Management, and individual contributor roles. 

Our focus is recruiting for talent within Marketing, Sales, Finance, Accounting, Legal, Healthcare, HR, and Information Technology. 

We recruit across the U.S. and often times act as a one stop shop for talent management withing the SMB market. Our clients have used our services on more than one occasion.

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